Do-it+yourself or DIY videos are all over on YouTube. Homeowners try to follow these videos to spend less on installing fences by themselves. However, several homeowners find themselves to some common installation mistakes, and it affects the looks of the wall when it is finished. These mistakes can cost you twice or more than the price of the materials, and they will put the security of your property in danger.

Here are the seven common fence installation mistakes that homeowners make when building their fences:

Poor Planning

Most of the major fence installation mistakes homeowners make have to do with the poor planning. You should have a solid plan before doing the hard.
First, you should assess your property. You must be certain about your property’s area. Measure the area several times to know how many materials do you need. Then, research about fencing materials. Weigh the quality, price, warranty, and maintenance of the products before purchasing them. Next, be sure that you have all the tools needed to install a fence. After that, check your Homeowner Association guidelines and local zoning laws if ordinances are interdicting some certain types, styles, and sizes of fences. Lastly, when installing your post, make sure you don’t hit any pipes or wires underground. To ensure that your project is safe and won’t cause any damage to any utility companies.

Careless Shopping

You will end up with a disappointing and dissatisfying fence if you shop for fencing systems carelessly and without any plan or organization. This is extremely important if you want to install the fence by yourself. Make sure the fence fits your particular situation, your needs, and your skill level.

Property Presumptions

You mustn’t make any presumptions about your property lines. Review your area before you start the installation. Get a clear plat to show you the divisions of land. Using the plat, you can be sure that the fence is on your property. This is important because you have to move the fence if you find out that your fence is on your neighbor’s property or public land. You will probably have to pay fine and legal fees, and moving the fences will cost you a lot.

Inaccurate Measurements

You have to be precise with your measurements of your area. Measure your area several times to be sure about your measurement and to avoid silly mistakes. Purchasing the right amount will guarantee that your materials are enough to complete the fence. You will not be wasting time coming back and forth to the store to buy more materials or to return extra materials.

Insecure Post

Well-installed posts are solid and stable. You must install the posts deeply in the ground and anchor them to hold out against the elements and securely attach to the panels and rails. Read the instructions that come with your fencing kit carefully and follow every step when installing the posts. Dig deeper and use a more durable and more solid anchor.

Disregarding Slopes

┬áThe slope has an extreme impact on fence installation, and it’s rare not to see any slope in a yard. They could be slight or significant. You should set your panels to offset any incline to make sure your fence is neat, consistent, and stable.

Terrible Gates

Installing gates can be tricky for amateurs. Ensure you accurately measure the location for your gate and account for any hardware deductions. The repositioning gate costs a lot and is complicated. Then, purchase the correct size of your gate. You should also ensure that you install firm hinge posts where you hang your gate. Finally, your gate must be made from excellent quality materials to avoid losing firmness and distorting.

In fence installation’ you can’t avoid making some mistakes, especially for amateurs. If you’re on a tight budget, you can’t afford to make some mistakes because it will cost you twice or more. So, here are some professional tips for perfect fence installation:

Ensure Appropriate Post Depth

Numerous homeowners fail to install the post deep into the ground when installing a fence. Your fence would not be level if you didn’t dig enough. It won’t be durable and stand firm enough to resist elements. It is necessary to contact a professional fencing contractor for a perfect fence installment. They are the ones who know the exact measurement for the posts you need to be installed.

Choose the Location Carefully

It is not wise to install the fence on the top of your property line. Professional fencing contractors advise that you should leave a buffer zone at least 2 feet from the obstacles or neighboring properties, You won’t be able to access the fence from the outside of your property if you install it on the top of your property line. Many homeowners ignore this idea because they want more space inside their yard. And even if there is no obstacle, you should install your fence inside your property line.

Ensure Adequate Spacing

When installing the fence, especially wooden fences, you have to make sure that you have the proper spacing for your fence. You should not attach the board too tight to each other for expansion and swelling. The wooden fences expand and swell if the weather is wet, and it results in the wrapping of the boards.

Plan your Project

One of the common mistakes homeowners make when installing fences is they fail to plan. They think fence installation is just about hitting a nail with a hammer. Installing your fence without proper planning will lead to unfixable mistakes. That is why planning is extremely vital for professional fencing contractors. Dissimilar to what the majority of DIY videos on YouTube show you, professional fencing contractors use a sealer to avoid your posts from rotting.


It is essential to maintain your fence properly after installation to make it durable. The degradation of your fence is caused by several factors like severe weather conditions such as heavy rainfall, harsh wind, snowstorms, and salt air. These weather conditions can cause the fence to break entirely. Due to poor maintenance, the fence won’t be able to withstand rust, mold, and water damage. You will be able to keep your fence in good shape with only a few regular checks and courses of action.


It is not easy and simple to install fences, unlike the DIY videos on YouTube. Several homeowners have made some mistakes in installing their fences. You should consider letting a professional fencing contractor install your fence. Hiring a professional fencing contractor guarantees you an excellent installation and prevents you from wasting your money and time on a DIY project.